Prepare Your Rain Gutters

Prepare Your Rain Gutters

Heavy bursts of rain and high winds have moved through Orange County and the surrounding areas the past couple days. Similar conditions are expected the rest of this week. The heavy rains hit Newport Beach and South County pretty hard and caused a lot of flooding. Homeowners in Corona del Mar, Anaheim, Orange, Irvine and Coto de Caza have been preparing for the rain storm. Now is a good time to prepare your rain gutters and have them cleaned and inspected. Contact us today to perform your rain gutter cleaning!

Sometimes you can’t view the roof or the gutters from the ground and you don’t realize how much debris can accumulate on the roof. The roof and rain gutters may have more debris than you realize. Due to the surrounding trees the gutters probably have leaves, pine needles and dirt that can block the flow of rainwater. If the gutters have standing water then this extra weight can cause the gutters to sag and pull away from the fascia boards.

Prepare rain gutters

Locate The Clog In The Rain Gutter

We first examine the rain gutters and downspouts to locate the cause of the clog. In most cases a clog occurs when too much debris get pushed into the downspouts. Most downspout connections are only two inches wide and can easily become clogged in the elbow joints with leaves and sticks.

Once we have located the clog we then hand remove the leaves and dirt causing the backup and the debris on the roof directly above the gutter. If the clog is inside the downspouts we use drain snakes to properly clear the downspout. Drain snakes allow us to remove the clog without taking apart the downspout drains. During this time we inspect the mounting brackets and nails to be sure they are secure and the gutters haven’t pulled away from the fascia boards. We also check the brackets that hold the downspouts to the exterior walls.

Prepare rain gutters and downspouts

After we hand remove all the debris from the roof, rain gutters and downspouts we then flush the gutter system. Flushing with forced water allows us to test the gutters, downspouts and ground drains to ensure the water is draining properly. During this process we also inspect the gutters for corrosion, cracks and connections joints for possible leaks. For minor leaks, we can force sealant into the joints without taking the pieces apart. The proper sealant will adhere to the gutters and remain resilient in hot and cold temperatures.

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